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Home care services are the medical and social services offered by health professionals providing solutions to people who are in need of help / consulting service or attendant care / nurse in their own living spaces in order to make them continue their independent daily living.

With its professional debonair team and great experience in health sector, Medicabil Home Care Unit serves its patients between 08:30 am - 17:30 pm with the support of Private Medicabil Hospital by providing variety of services that compensate the needs of its patients.


Care Attendant Services

Care attendants are the individuals with specific job definitions who have been trained in their fields.  Our care attendants be right beside you either at home or hospital and aim to increase your life quality by supporting your daily life activities. Our maintenance guard services are in the form of long-term or short-term visits determined by your needs and provide the services mentioned below: • Support for daily living activities • Personal hygiene assistance • Support for toilet / bathroom needs • Oral care • Inside-bed positioning in order to prevent pressure ulcers • Pharmaceutical monitoring in order to make patients receive their oral medications in a timely manner • Assisting with oral nutrition • Exercise support • Nail care • Accompanying support.

Nurse Services

Our home care nurses detect and plan the care requirements of the patients and performs all nursing interventions in home environment. Our nursing services are as mentioned below: • 24-hour nurse support • Postoperative care support • Prescribed medication applications • Preparation and monitoring of medications given orally • Injection (IV, IM, SC) • Administration of serum • Insertion / removal of urinary catheter • Insertion / removal of nasogastric catheter • Taking a blood sample • Medication applications through port catheter • Vaccination • Dressings and wound care • Colostomy care • Tracheostomy care • Wound Care • Oral care • Blood glucose monitoring • Blood pressure, pulse, body temperature monitoring • Surgical suturing / removal of suturing • Prov...

Infant Nursing Services

• Breastfeeding training • Belly care • Baby bath • Escorting to the mother who has newly given birth • Practical training on topics such as nutrition of the baby to the mothers and caregivers • General care of the baby, the development control • Providing practical exercises of after birth to the mother • Monitoring the baby's immunization schedule 

Physician Services

Our physicians who are responsible for home care service visit and examine the patients in their homes in case of necessity. By providing treatment and making required recommendations after examining the patient, he / she determine the required treatment and equipment - medications required for the treatment and inform the patient and relatives, receive their written consents. They plan the consultation to the related field and / or transfer to the hospital in case of necessity and thus provide accurate maintenance treatment.  Our physician services are: • Examination • Consultation • Planning of necessary treatment and medication administration • Regular control and follow-up of patients • Monitoring of acute and chronic diseases • Medical advice and coordination.

Physical Therapy Services

Exercises programs of the patients for whom physical therapy has been planned are performed by physiotherapists physical treatment technicians in their own living spaces. Psychotherapy and psychologic support services are also available for the patients and their families.

Intensive Care After-care Services

• Care for patients receiving home-type ventilator support • Tracheostomy care • PEG care • Care for paralytic patients


Ambulance service is provided by well-equipped and experienced health teams with ambulances certified and prepared in accordance with regulations of Ministry of Health. Considering your local and upstate transfers, we direct the closest ambulance to your residence when you contact our call centre from +90 0224 443 46 46.   

Check-up Services

Medicabil Home Care Unit brings check-up service to your living space. Whenever you are available for the visit, our expert staff will obtain the required samples in accordance with your gender and age within the limits of your health package you purchased.

Health and Preventive Health Services in the workplace

Preventive Health Services conducted in the workplace is very significant in terms of regular health control. Our health personnel can visit you whenever you are available ın your workplace as determined by you. This service saves time especially in companies having a large staff. Under the name of ‘’ Health Services in the workplace ‘’ we provide the solutions mentioned below: • Vaccination services • Tests / analysis • Examination services in the workplace

Alzheimer's Patient Care

Alzheimer's disease is a progressive brain disease; that lead to gradual destruction in learning in memory, speech, reasoning, judgment, communication and the ability to continue daily activities and change in behaviours. Medicabil Home Care Unit offers Alzheimer patients the required treatment and care in home environment next to their families. Our physician examines the patient regularly, arranges the treatment and informs the home-care guard about required regulations and applications. Alzheimer’s Patient Care services include: • Inpatient visit at home • Day / night / 24-hour nurse or attendant care services at home • Care- process consulting • Support services for medical equipment and supplies to be used at home

Medical Equipment and Supplies Services

Medicabil Home Care Unit offers required medical equipment and supplies with its experienced nursing staff during your nursing process. Our medical equipment and supplies services include:  • Determination of the medical equipment, materials and supplies required for treatment and care plan of the patient. • Arrangement of the home environment for installation of the equipment • Testing the activation and installation of the equipment in terms of their compliance to the surrounding • Training for the use of the equipment to the patient’s relatives and related individuals. • 7/24 technical support services for medical equipment and supplies to be used at home • Sale or rental of the equipment  The equipment under the service are; • Physical therapy equipment • Monitors and measuring devices • Oxygen support • Re...



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